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Hess Values

Our Values Guide Our Business


Our Corporate Values reinforce our commitment to traditional Hess strengths and underscore the qualities that define us as a leading global independent energy company. At Hess, six core values guide our actions as individuals at work and as a corporation: Integrity, People, Performance, Value Creation, Social Responsibility and Independent Spirit. They are the basic building blocks of our organization’s culture and represent our company’s collective conscience. While our strategy changes over time based on business conditions, our values are enduring.

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Integrity: Always Do The Right Thing

We are guided by the highest standards of ethical business conduct and by this simple principle: Do the right thing. Our goal is to build long-term relationships and trusted partnerships. We treat our people with fairness, honesty, dignity and respect.
  • Hess Values People

    People: Attract and Develop the Very Best

    We cultivate a positive and fulfilling experience for our employees by investing in professional development and providing challenging and rewarding opportunities for personal growth. We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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    Performance: Go the Extra Mile

    We have a culture that demands and celebrates outstanding results. We encourage innovation, accountability and collaboration and we work together to achieve shared goals.
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    Value Creation: Sustain Long-Term Profitable Growth

    We are committed to creating shareholder value based on sustained financial performance and long-term profitable growth. We believe our longstanding commitment to sustainability creates value for the benefit of all stakeholders.
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    Social Responsibility: Make a Positive Difference in Our Communities

    We are committed to meeting the highest standards of corporate citizenship by protecting the health and safety of our employees, safeguarding the environment and making a long lasting, positive impact on the communities where we do business.

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Independent Spirit: Move Quickly to Capture Opportunities

We are an agile team with a can-do spirit. We are committed to preserving the special qualities and unique personality that have made us a successful independent enterprise.